Our Manufacturing

Weifang Tricol Textile Co. has eleven facilities across three cities in Shandong Province that vertically integrate the entire microfiber manufacturing process to enable streamlined production with customization at any level. At every stage of the supply chain, all products are inspected for quality assurance and sorted. Only those materials passing our rigorous quality inspections move on to the next stage of production.  

Tricol New Fiber

Provides the raw material of microfiber based products, such as antibacterial microfiber filament and solution dyed filament. We supply 8 production lines, 260 employees and a capacity of 15,000 tons per year.

Weifang Tricol Marine Biological Material

Researches, develops, and produces high-tech chitosan fiber and derived products. In cooperation with the leading chitosan experts in Korea, our team develops resources and advanced technologies in the application of chitosan for cosmetic and consumer use.

Laizhou Tricol Home Textiles

Produces terry cleaning cloths, towels and bath towels. It has 80 weaving machines, and 60 employees. The facility has an annual capacity of 600 tons. 

Anqiu Tricol Home Textiles

Produces bedding and quilts. It has 173 sewing machines, 6 cotton-filling machines, and 300 employees.  This facility can produce 500,000 sets of beddings and 6,600,000 cleaning products annually.

Circular Jacquard Knitting Machines 

Largest capacity for circular jacquard knitting to produce multi-color, variable loop height tufted knitted carpet and rug materials. Our carpet plant knits mats and mop heads as well as  latex application and water soluble adhesive for finished mats.

Stitching and finishing houses

Weifang Tricol Textile Co. operates three stitching and finishing houses in the cities of Linqu, Anqiu, and Jiaozhou. The finishing plant mainly produces cleaning products such as mops and hand towels for name brands of 3M, Kimberly etc. The facility has 360 cutting and sewing machines and 350 employees. Capacity is 20,000,000 pieces per year. 

weifang New environment warp knitting

The warp knitting plant has 36 warp knitting machines (Karl Mayer and SuperPro) and a capacity of 8000 tons per year.  Equipped with dozens of Meyer Machines, KTL Machines, computerized electronic jacquard weft knitting machines double weft knitting machines and chenille machines.

Weifang Tricol Marine Biological Hygienic Material 

Focuses on the Weifang Tricol Marine Biological Biopolymer Material Industrialization Project.


Linqu Tricol Clean Co. Ltd produces cleaning products, carpets, and hand towels as well as Chitosan fiber related products. It possesses 76 sewing machines, 450 employees, and an annual capacity of 15M pieces.


A professional hygienic and medical non-woven manufacturer with 3 production lines of dual–use ( hot rolling and hot winding) facilities, and annual capacity of 3000 tons per year. Non-woven materials are used for sanitary towels, diapers and medical materials. This plant will the core facility for chitosan products and applied to medical materials, wet tissues and other personal care products, etc.


Weifang dyeing plant and Shouguang dyeing plant encompass 40 dyeing machines and 2 material drying machines, with 200 employees and an annual capacity of 5,000 tons.  Each dye house also possesses testing facilities for colorfastness and other metrics. 


Quality inspection occurs at every stage of the production process, and any A- and below products are removed from the production line. Weifang Tricol has successfully completed and passed audits for Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco retailers. 


With warehouses and offices Japan, Korea, and the USA, Weifang Tricol can help manage your supply chain end to end, including freight, container shipping, and distribution within country to your various retail centers.




Our team of textile experts with combined over 100 years of experience in the textile industry work with your team to develop new materials and new solutions to face an ever changing marketplace.