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About Weifang Tricol Trading Company

Established in 1992, Weifang Tricol Trading Co. is the largest microfiber manufacturer in Asia and a strong partner of microfiber technologies brands worldwide. Weifang Tricol got its start as China's first microfiber production facility. Since then, Weifang Tricol Trading Co. has grown into completely vertically integrated manufacturing leader that encompasses 1,800 employees and 9 factories across the Shandong region. Weifang Tricol Trading Co. is continuously on the forefront of innovative materials technologies, with heavy R&D invested in the production of healthcare and cleaning products featuring the newest anti-microbial materials, thermoregulating fibers, and the largest chitosan fiber and weaving plant in China.



11/F, Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation Park Building, Jiankang East Street NO.6888, 

Weifang 261205, ShandongChina



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"Leading innovation in microfiber, chitosan materials, and anti-microbial fiber technologies for healthcare, industrial cleaning, and consumer use."


Our Partners

Weifang Tricol Trading Co. and Weifang Tricol Textile Co. Ltd supplies the highest quality microfiber materials to large big box retailer private labels, leading commercial brands, and industrial distributors in 30 countries in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.