Chitosan Material Innovation

Tricol’s Chitosan Technology powers the entire assortment of TAA Compliant products

Material Source: 
Chitosan is a naturally occurring, bio-compatible polysaccharide derived from shrimp shells


How it Works: 
Chitosan has a positive charge, and it attracts red blood cells and platelets, which have a negative charge

  • Chitosan bandage draws red blood cells/platelets to the surface
  • Quickly creates a physical barrier that allows the body to form a clot

Product List

  • Medical Textiles: Antiphlogistic, Styptic, Renewable, Anti-Repellent
  • General Textiles: Anti-Microbial, Deodorizing, Hygienic
  • Daily Use: Anti-Mite, Bacteriostatic, Absorptive
  • Product Applications include: baby apparel, socks, medical suture, beauty & skincare products