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We developed Everplush® Technology to improve the quality and performance of everyday bath linens. With Everplush®, you’ll have a consistently positive experience drying off in your bathroom.

What exactly is Everplush® Technology?

It’s a patented terry fabric that combines the best features of cotton and microfiber. The top loops are made of ultra-plush Zero-Twist cotton (a premium-quality cotton we source from Pakistan), and they are supported by a second set of loops made of combination microfiber (a yarn made of polyester and polyamide). With each use, your skin only touches cotton, but benefits from the super absorbent, quick-drying power of the microfiber. The water in the cotton loops is absorbed by the microfiber loops so the towel instantly feels dry. We call this the Everplush® core. The Everplush® core also makes towels last much longer than their 100% cotton counterparts, getting softer over time, wash-after-wash.

In sum, Everplush® Technology feels like a luxury towel, but absorbs more water and dries much faster than a normal cotton towel.

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