About Weifang Tricol Trading Company

Weifang Tricol Trading Company LTD is the largest combination microfiber manufacturer in Asia and a strong partner of microfiber technologies brands worldwide.

Established in 1992, Tricol began as a manufacturer of cotton towels and bedding linens for the global home textile industry. Tricol's presence as a major manufacturer of synthetic textiles began in 1996 with the opening of China's first, and largest, combination microfiber production facility.

Since then, Tricol has grown into a completely vertical manufacturing leader that encompasses 1,800 employees and 11 factories across the Shandong region.
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Tricol Microfiber Spinning

"We are dedicated to providing the best service to our customers and improving the quality of life for communities everywhere."

                                 - President, Mr. Duan Hongwei

Our Partners

30 countries & counting...

CLEAN: Tricol supplies finished products as well as the highest quality microfiber materials to some of the biggest cleaning brands.

RETAIL: Tricol delivers finished products for private labels in collaboration with regional, national and international retailers.

COMMERCIAL: Tricol partnerships include private label finished products for major distributors of MRO, JanSan, and Hospitality products.



Global HQ

11/F Jiankang East Street NO.6888
Weifang 261205, Shandong, China

Tel:   86-536-6101095
Fax:   86-536-6101026

US Sales Office

18848 13th Place South
SeaTac, WA 98148 USA

Tel: 1-206-244-0585